About us

Who Are We?

Westminster International was formed by three professional who wanted to create their vision of a company that goes beyond the current services on the market. They combined their skills in HR, IT and AI to found WI, which now specialises in management and corporate solutions for international organisations located in the UK, EU and MENA region.



Our Values

Westminster International is run on a set of four core values to ensure our clients looking for solutions receive an unparalleled service that they would not receive at any other company. We never compromise on supreme quality and our team always offers professional and experienced servicing to maintain and develop a strong customer relationship. Many of our clients come back to us which has illustrated our commitment in these areas. The last value of our operations is punctuality. We deliver solutions on time to always meet the needs of our clients.

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Westminster International Group Ltd. is registered with the companies house in England and Wales under company number 10658585

Contact Details

Tel: +44 2039 165016

Email: info@wiuk.co.uk


First Central 200, 6th Floor, 2 Lakeside Drive

London, NW10 7HQ

United Kingdom