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Many businesses consider the challenge of managing people is time-consuming and distracting from moving the business forward; but we find it interesting and exciting. Our HR services are designed to help our clients deal with their people problems with confidence and as little stress as possible.


HR Development

If there is one “must-do” in HR, it is having the right employment contracts, handbook and policies in place.

You have a legal obligation to set the basic terms and conditions of employment with all employees, contracts and policies do so much more than just meet the minimum requirement, they enhance your HR function!

Having invested in growing your business, it makes sense to protect what you have created.  A comprehensive contract, set of policies and completing all other legal matters will help you make sure that your employees know the rules when they are working for you and that they cannot set up in competition with you as soon as they leave!

We will provide you with practical documents that are useful and right for your business. We can review and enhance the existing documentation you have in place, we can fill in the gaps, or we can provide you with a set of employment contracts and policies fit for your business.


HR Support

Did an incident take place and you need to undertake investigation and take formal actions?

Do you have an employee who has been off sick for a number of months now and you are wondering how to handle the process?

Do you have an employee who has raised a grievance and you need support in managing the formal process?

Whatever your HR issue, we can help you deal with it promptly and effectively. This includes:

  • Managing Redundancy

  • Terminating Employment

  • Employee Disciplinary Issues

  • Employee Absence Management

  • Employee Grievance

We implement ‘progressive steps’ approach to support our clients solve their HR problems;

Step one: we talk through the situation with you and understand the problem that you are trying to address.

Step two: we look to see whether there are specific employment laws you need to be considering as well as looking at any internal policies that may put some constraints around what you are and are not able to do.

Step three: we help you to come up with a plan to move you forward.

Step four: we can be there every step of the way and help you to prepare for difficult actions or even have them for you if you would prefer.

Step five: we then look at your entire employee handbook/manual to make sure you have the documentation in place that you need to avoid similar problems in the future.



WI recruitment service is a process of multiple steps to hire the best and most qualified candidate for your job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner. Please visit our dedicated recruitment service “Peoplique



Internship Programmes

Internships have long been a human resource solution that many of the top businesses around the world utilise.

An internship is a form of work experience gained through a defined period of time. The intern, typically a university student or fresh graduate, spends this period with an employer, leading to a range of benefits for both employers and students as well as the wider job market.

At WI, we ensure that we design and tailor the highest quality programmes, please contact us for more details.


HR Software

By optimising your HR duties and functions into one convenient and sophisticated software, your business creates more organisation which can save time. The time saved on various HR tasks lets your staff concentrate on other pressing matters and increases productivity in other areas. It may also decrease your current HR running costs so you can redirect money into other worthwhile investments.

Overall, HR optimisation is a solid return on investment when completed with us at WI. It is an option worth serious consideration because of its many business benefits.

To understand the best moment to enhance and optimise your HR efficiency, contact us today.

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